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Stop the Deportations!


Number of Deportations in 2019

Under pressure from the Trump administration, the three governments of the Northern Triangle of Central America signed Asylum Cooperation Agreements, or “Safe Third Country” Agreements.  These “Asylum Cooperation Agreements” allow the US to send asylum-seekers to the cooperating countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala - countries that already see continuous flows of migrants fleeing for their lives.  By deporting asylum seekers, the Trump administration furthers its attack on asylum and the US violates international refugee law.


Now, amidst a global pandemic, ACA and general deportations continue as the US sends several deportation flights daily.  With lack of protection in detention centers, detainees are being exposed to the deadly virus right before being sent to countries with weak to non-functional medical systems.  These policies create human rights violations, suffering, and death while simultaneously breaking international law.

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goal of the campaign

By stopping these unjust agreements we aim to protect the human rights of asylum-seekers, allowing them to apply for asylum in the US.  Considering any country in the Northern Triangle as “safe” ignores the realities within these countries where the US creates conditions that force people to flee through the promotion of privatization, militarization, extractivism, authoritarianism, and more.  Our goal is the preservation of human life which requires respect for the institution of asylum and asylum-seekers and well ending deportations and detentions during a deadly pandemic.