February 28 to March 8, 2020

Cuba: The People, the Government,

US policy and the Global Community


Learn how Cuba, as a socialist country, manages to provide social services, education, health care, food, housing, safety and access to the arts to its citizens, under the pressure of the US blockade.


Despite six decades of the US blockade, some Cubans fiercely defend the revolution. US policy has been designed to crush the spirit of the Cuban people, make waste of the revolution’s gains, and finally cause regime change. However, Cuba’s socio-economic system has shown tenacious resilience and has stood the test of time. Not only do Cubans fund social programs inside their island, they continue to send humanitarian aid abroad, most notably in their medical solidarity brigades and literacy campaigns. Many of the Cubans we meet with are vibrant, fun, interesting, and creative people with a great amount of wisdom to impart and an eagerness to share their stories.

Cost: $2,300 + international airfare + $100 visa


Application & $250 deposit due DEADLINE EXTENDED: December 13th, 2019.


Remaining Balance due January 28, 2020.

*Price includes: All lodging, meals, interpretation and transportation within Cuba. You will also receive extensive reading material and advocacy tools.

*Price doesn’t include: passport costs, international airfare, and personal incidentals. 

Delegation Description

  • If the blockade was lifted, how would Cuba maintain its strong socialist state while expanding its role in the global community?

  • How does Cuba fund its social programs such as free medical care and education?  

  • What’s the election process in Cuba and how is the government structured?

  • What’s the daily life of Cuban people like in both an urban (Havana) and rural context (We’ll get out of Havana for a few days to experience rural life. Some possible visits include: visiting a sugar cane or coffee bean plantation)?

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