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Francia Marquez and other leaders of afrocolombian communities in Northern Cauca attacked

This Saturday social leader Francia Marquez was left unscathed after an attack occurred while in a meeting with various leaders in Santander de Quilichao, community of Lomitas, Finca La Trinidad. Armed individuals arrived to the place and began to shoot and threw a grenade. The attackers were repelled by the leaders ' protection schemes, resulting in two wounded bodyguards.

According to the information known so far the meeting was from 8 in the morning and 16 people attended, among them a minor. In addition to the protection schemes, outside the space were two suspicious people who threw expletives against the participants, a third individual on a motorcycle began to shoot with a short gun and then threw two explosive devices.

In the preparatory meeting for the appointment with the government for next May 8th, within the framework of the Minga, were also Marquez, clemency Carabalí, Sofia Garzón, Carlos Rosero, Víctor Moreno and other social leaders and human rights defenders who are part of ACONC, as well as members of ASOM, PCN, when they were attacked around 5:35 pm.

Leaders and their security schemes are coming out of the place to protect their lives. According to reports they are physically in good condition although psychologically affected.

Story originally published by Contagio Radio in Spanish


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