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Memory as Resistance: Part 3

by Colette Cosner, WFP Northwest Regional Organizer

Last week Obama announced the 2011 aid request for Latin America, with a proposal for an 11% decrease in aid to Colombia. Most of the aid cut comes from the State Department-managed International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement account, which funds the U.S. access to seven military bases in Colombia.

Despite U.S.-backed repression, I saw a pacifist resistance in Colombia growing stronger– communities taking up culture instead of arms in defense of their territories. The sugar cane cutters strike against “modern day slavery.” Women in the National Movement of Victims of State Crimes, denounce the injustice of their loved one’s murders. Human rights defenders go to work in bulletproof offices. Human rights defenders go to work in bullet-flying fields. Young people learn how to re-grow crops that a generation of genetically modified seeds tried to kill. Students march. Teachers share the history those in power want forgotten. The internally displaced organize. And we…?


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