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Camelot stated that since its launch the National Lottery has raised £40 billion for good causes. This represents “565,000 grants, 200 per postcode right across the UK74” with 70% of grants being for £10,000 or less Camelot also highlighted the benefits to the Treasury and retailers: “Some £17 billion has been raised in 25 years for the Treasury, and as importantly, about £6.5 billion for retailers. We play a really pivotal role in keeping our independent retailers open. We have 44,000 retailers. We rely on them and they rely on us. We continue to pay about £300 million a year in commission.”

We acknowledge that gambling of all types is a source of enjoyment, and that some forms foster a strong sense of social cohesion among players. Gambling makes an important contribution to employment and to the economy. Throughout this inquiry we have borne this in mind, and in formulating our recommendations we have sought to impact on the benefits of gambling only to the extent that is required to achieve the objective of making gambling safer for all.

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