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This February-April, we are honored to host several speakers from the Congreso de los Pueblos of Colombia. Congreso de los Pueblos (the People’s Congress) is a decentralized, democratic grassroots network of popular struggles. The network includes movements from both rural and urban communities, Campesinos, urban youth activists, and Afro-Colombian and indigenous groups defending their right to life, dignity and self determination. The People’s Congress was formed in 2010 to develop a popular and unified intersectional front to stand against environmental destruction, war and violent dispossession from Black, indigenous, campesino, and other marginalized communities.


This timely speakers tour is an opportunity for students and community members to learn more about the current human rights situation in Colombia, the U.S. policy role, and how communities are organizing to protect their rights in the context of increasing violence following Colombia’s 2016 peace accords. We will also learn about actions we can take in solidarity with communities in Colombia to promote human rights centered US economic and political policies towards Colombia.

Since this speakers tour is virtual, we have more flexibility with dates than our traditional in-person speakers tour. Please let us know what dates you prefer and we will reserve them on the schedule, first-come first-serve.

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