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We are building transnational grassroots solidarity to resist violence, poverty and oppression in the U.S. and Latin America


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We believe that social transformation is built from the ground up. The Solidarity Collective centers the narratives, histories, and lived experiences of those most-affected by U.S. intervention and corporate extractivism - both in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as within the Diaspora.


We believe in collective liberation and the transformative power of nonviolent social change. The Solidarity Collective builds intersectional people’s power and challenges oppression, racism, militarization and war in all of its forms.

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Become a member of  WFPSC new membership program. Your contribution provides crucial support for Witness for Peace Solidarity Collective's work in building transnational grassroots solidarity to resist U.S. government and corporate policies that contribute to violence, poverty and oppression in the Americas.


Join a delegation to learn directly from grassroots movements in Latin America and the Caribbean building 
a new society based on a life with dignity.


Upcoming Events


Join us for an event titled Plantains and Peace: Songs and Stories of resistance featuring Daira Quiñones, Afro-Colombian human rights and land defender. Daira is a farmer, herbalist and artist and the founder of (FUNDARTECP) and (AMDAE). This virtual presentation and short concert will highlight the past, present and future of the plantain as an example of peace in the face of the effects of imperialism and transnational companies like Chiquita Brands and many others. Daira will share stories and stories of the festival of the plantain and her upcoming tour to the United States.

Acompáñanos en el próximo evento “Plátano y Paz: Canciones e historias de resistencia” con Daira Quiñones, defensora afrocolombiana de los derechos humanos y de la tierra. Daira es agricultora, herbolaria, artista y fundadora de FUNDARTECP y AMDAE. Esta presentación se hará de forma virtual con un concierto breve en el que se destaca el pasado, presente y futuro del plátano como ejemplo de paz frente a los efectos del imperialismo y las empresas transnacionales como Chiquita Brands y otras. Daira compartirá historias y anécdotas del festival del plátano y de su próxima gira por Estados Unidos.


"The delegation experience provoked a deeper part of my humanity that is pervasively dormant in the states. The part that recognizes the well-being of the individual as nurtured by the well-being of the collective; that paints every corner of the country with affirmations of freedom, love, and humanity; the part that smiles effortlessly; laughs a ton; and can repurpose a literal trash dump into a vibrant neighborhood cultural arts cooperative, gallery, and school."

-Ebony Sinnamon Johnson, Advocate for Black Youth, California

Resist violence, poverty and oppression -
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