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From Drug War to Labor Rights, we advocate for more humane policies towards Latin America

Meet with human rights defenders on the ground and support peace, justice, and sustainability in Latin America

Since 1983, we've provided physical and political accompaniment to at-risk communities and human rights defenders across Latin America

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As we continue to take health precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe it is imperative to center those whose work and lives are most at risk as a result of ongoing violence of imperialism and capitalism that values profit over people. In supporting our organization and work, your further support the broader movement building sustainable community initiatives that value the health and security of all.


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Cuba: Education, Art, and Nature


Post-poned (Date TBD)

On this delegation you will meet Cubans from all walks of life.  We will visit and study Cuba’s urban and rural educational programs from primary to university levels including professional schools such as the Latin American School of Medicine and the National School of Arts.  



Post-poned (Date TBD)


Join us on this investigative delegation to Venezuela as we seek deeper understanding among North American organizers and activists about the central role Venezuela is playing not only in the fight against US imperialism, but in leading Left and Non-Aligned movements throughout the world. 

Honduras: The U.S. Role in Migration


Post-poned (Date TBD)

This delegation focuses on mass migration as part of the collective struggle against the social, political, and economic crises which have plagued Honduras since the U.S. supported coup in 2009. 

Transforming People, Transforming U.S. Policies: 20 Year Commemorative Delegation to Colombia


Post-poned (Date TBD)

Join veteran delegation organizer Lyn Clark Pegg and WFP cofounder Gail Phares on two side by side historic delegations to commemorate 20 years of accompaniment and advocacy in solidarity with the Colombian people.


People Behind the Coal


2020 Delegation Canceled

This delegation meets with human rights activists, trade unionists, members of Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities, and others affected by coal production in Colombia. We will explore how we as consumers can work in solidarity with communities and organizations in Colombia to hold corporations accountable for human rights.

Building BIPOC Solidarity: Socialist Strategies and the Cuban Model


Post-poned (Date TBD)

This delegation will focus on Cuba’s humanist model and its far-reaching impacts across all sectors of society. We will examine how Cubans have challenged colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism within its revolutionary history. 

Our Partners

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Kalice Allen

Cuba Delegate

Elena Dalsimer

Colombia Delegate

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