Core Members


Pambana Bassett

Jeanette Charles

Julien Christe

Melissa Cox

Chelsey Dyer

Kris Hannigan-Luther

Justin Jimenez

Evan King

Allison Lira

Liz Moldan

Vanessa Peña

Emily Rhyne

Maria Alejandra Rincón

Elise Roberts

Supporters & Advisers

Hani Ali

Steph Alvarez

Emma Banks

Karen Blanchard

John Clark Pegg

Lyn Clark Pegg

Gary Cozette

Moravia de la O

James Dimock

Maggie Ervin

Pilar File-Muriel​

Walker Grooms

Thom Haines

Aleita Hass-Holcombe

Jessica Hayssen

Bette Hoover

Mónica Hurtado

Maria José Méndez Gutiérrez

Connor Klausing

Meghan Krausch

Ricardo Levins Morales

Rachel Mehl

Ryan Morgan

Dixie Olmstead

David Pegg

Kera Peterson

Gail Phares

Tom Power

Niccolo Roditti

Bryan Rogers

Mariah Rosenblum

Diane Stradling

Lisa Taylor

Genesis Torres

Cat Walker

Carol Wallace

John Walsh

Eleonore Wesserle​

Coalition Partners

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The Solidarity Collective is an independent organization and does not interfere with the work of our partner organizations. However, we find ourselves constantly inspired by them: their commitment, their vision, and their grassroots movements. Above are some of those partners, both from Latin America and the U.S.