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Upon return from your Solidarity Collective delegation you will be more deeply informed, motivated, and inspired. There is no replacement for meeting directly with communities, witnessing both the political and environmental landscape in which they organize, and listening to their stories of resistance- ones you nor the people you report back to, are likely to forget. If you are ready to jump into activism and advocacy in your community, we’ll be there to support you.

Solidarity Collective designs our Popular Education and Advocacy Program  to provide you with skills and on-the-ground experiences that you can leverage in your ongoing work for justice, dignity and collective well-being. Since 1983, we've connected more than 20,000 delegates with a grassroots analysis and with the urban and rural communities that lead struggles across the Americas!

The Solidarity Collective builds transnational grassroots solidarity to resist U.S. government and corporate policies that contribute to violence, poverty and oppression in the Americas. 

Our delegations take U.S.-based activists through an immersive and collectively transformative process with our local partners in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our delegations use a popular education pedagogy and focus on the struggle and principled leadership of Indigenous, African-descendant and Campesino land defenders, community organizers, and peacebuilders.

Every delegation is a unique and unforgettable experience. Each delegation has an itinerary with scheduled activities, meetings, training, and visits that are specific to the thematic framing and the group's participants. All delegations center the work, testimonies, and requests from local grassroots organisations that are committed to justice.


Questions about our delegations? Ask Liz. Our National Director and Operations Manager is here to help!


Email at

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Arts, Culture & US Relations

February 10-19, 2023

Cuba is an island home to 11 million people and more social and economic services than anywhere else in the Caribbean. Learn how a socialist country organizes itself to provide social services, education, health care, food, housing, safety and access to the arts to its citizens in an equitable manner? Explore the many ways that this island nation, just 90 miles from our shore, has met these challenges for over 60 years in the face of unrelenting opposition from its neighbor to the north.

Application Deadline:
December 1st, 2022



May 25- June 4, 2023

Application Deadline:
March 10th, 2023

Join us on a delegation to learn directly from the Cuban people about their complex and dynamic society. What advances have been made in areas of education, healthcare, the arts, and sustainability? What can the rest of the world learn from Cuba? What challenges remain? What impact do U.S. policies have on the lives of Cuban people? How can we best work in solidarity with the Cuban people? What is the state of human rights, freedom of expression, and economic opportunity in Cuba? What do the Cuban people want for their own future?

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