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Building BIPOC Solidarity: Socialist Strategies and the Cuban Model

June 12-21, 2020


This delegation will focus on Cuba’s humanist model and its far-reaching impacts across all sectors of society. We will examine how Cubans have challenged colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism within its revolutionary history. Cuba, as an Afro-descendant majority nation, has made significant advances for the historically oppressed within its own borders and internationally via medical brigades, educational cooperation, and cultural exchanges. As a result, this delegation will explore themes of wellness, holistic healing, and healthcare. This delegation is designed for educators, healers, farmers, artists, and activists of color. As such, our facilitation will draw from social justice, anti-racist, and anti-imperialist pedagogies. We seek to build authentic and collaborative relationships between Cubans and U.S. delegates in an effort to strengthen people-to-people ties. 

Cost: $1,900 + airfare + $80 visa


Delegation Dates: June 12-21, 2020.

Application & $250 deposit due March 12, 2020.


Remaining Balance due May 12, 2019.

*Price includes: All lodging (dorm style at a world renowed popular education center in Havana and hotel like homestays in the province), meals, interpretation and transportation within Cuba. You will also receive extensive reading material and advocacy tools.

*Price doesn’t include: passport costs, international airfare ($400-600), and personal incidentals. 

Delegation Description

Participants in this delegation will:

  • Visit a homeopathic pharmacy / create and apply herbal remedies.

  • Exchange with an energy healer and medical practitioner.

  • Learn about long-term climate adaptation and resiliency plans.

  • Confront the realities of US intervention in Cuba at a historical memory museum.

  • Tour multiple urban and rural agro-ecological projects.

  • Understand the impacts of US policy and imperialism on the Cuban economy.

  • Interface with youth permaculture organizers and promoters.

  • Meet Afro-Cuban popular educators and share cultural organizing strategies.

  • Explore a UNESCO-designated castle-museum dedicated to slavery and its legacy.

  • See a eco-community focused on reforestation, vegetarianism and natural products.

  • Go to Varadero beach and nearby botanical gardens.

  • Exchange with students and see a community youth arts project.

  • Explore the Education Sector--primary and secondary schools, historic Literacy Campaign Museum, Latin American School of Medicine and National Art School.

  • Have discussions about race relations and racial identity with Cuban scholars.

  • Visit the Cuban Art Factory in Havana.

  • Deepen your experience with the preservation of Afro-Cuban spirituality, Santeria.

  • Visit the House of Africa.

  • Explore Cuba’s medical system, prevention efforts and treatment.

  • Get to know sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Learn the impacts of the US blockade against Cuba on the lives of ordinary Cubans.

Payment Information










MAIL CHECK (Save us $ on processing fee):

Witness for Peace Midwest

PO box 6078

Minneapolis, Mn 55406

*Please note the name of the delegation on the check



For More Information


For an application and more details, please contact: 

Kalice at or Jeannine at

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