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Confronting Climate Change and Building Peace: 

Environmental Justice in Colombia

February 28th - March 8th, 2020


After decades of armed conflict, the people of Colombia are still fighting to achieve peace and resolution in their nation. However, extractive projects led by multinational groups are not only harming the environment but undermining key aspects of the 2016 Peace Process. In reality, the 2016 Peace Process opened up more space for multinational investment and business interests because it failed to change the neoliberal economic model. US supported policies, such as aerial fumigation, facilitate greater business investments by forcing occupants to abandon their land, and thus leaving it open for businesses to move in. This delegation will explore dual facets of climate change, how US policies contribute to continued environmental degradation in Colombia, how the narrative of climate change is used as a justification for displacement, and how the threat of climate change prevents indigenous and rural communities from protecting their land, and the opportunity to advocate for their right to peace and environmental justice.

Cost: $1,000 + international airfare 

Fundraising help is available

Come learn more about how climate change impacts social and grassroots movements.


Application & $250 deposit due January 15, 2020.


Remaining Balance due January 28, 2020.

Price covers meals, lodging, interpreters, and transportation within Colombia, along with reading and activist tools. 

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MAIL CHECK (Save us $ on processing fee):

Witness for Peace Midwest

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*Please note the name of the delegation on the check

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