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The WFP Solidarity Collective is hiring for the position of Cuba Program Co-Director located in Havana, Cuba for a two-year term of service.


The mission of the WFP Solidarity Collective is to build transnational grassroots solidarity to resist U.S. government and corporate policies that contribute to violence, poverty and oppression in the Americas. We work in partnership with organizations including Black, Indigenous and campesino communities, and social movements in the U.S. Colombia, Cuba, and Honduras. The deadline to apply is September 1st. Start date TBD. Kindly send your cover letter, resume and application (linked below this page) to


General Responsibilities 


Designing Educational Programs: Plan and facilitate 10-day participatory, experiential educational programs for groups of 8 to 20 people from the US to see first-hand the impact of US policies in the country and the on-going and multiple strategies of resistance carried out by SC’s partner organizations there. Responsibilities include arranging logistics, providing interpretation, facilitating internal sessions to help delegates understand the impact of US policies, and motivating delegates to work for policy changes once they return to the US, while strengthening cross-border solidarity networks.


Making and Maintaining Contacts:  A substantial amount of time is spent making and maintaining contact with the Centro Memorial Martin Luther King. These contacts are vital in order to understand the political, economic and social situation, and serve as a basis for planning educational programs and documenting the effects of US policies in the country.


Journalistic Documentation: Investigate current events in the country as they relate to global economics and US policies, and write articles and short reports, as well as develop educational resources that bring attention to the impact of these policies. Documentation work is mainly articles/blog posts, fact sheets, short videos, and action alerts.

Speaker Tours: In coordination with SC Regional Organizers in the US, identify speakers from your country site to travel to the US to speak about the impact of US policies. International Team members assist speakers with immigration processes and developing their presentation, and then accompany and interpret for the speaker tour throughout their time in the US.


Supporting Stateside Campaigns to Change US Policies: While organizing in the US is led by the SC Regional Organizers, IT members are called on to support these efforts through contact with returned delegates, designing educational materials, providing information for campaigns as well as contributing to the website and blog. International Team members participate in internal working groups within the Solidarity Collective and in some cases with external coalition partners.


Office Management: Administer the office, including finances, maintenance, and other tasks.


Fundraising and Participation in Organizational Decisions: Assist with fundraising for SC, as well as participate regularly on committees and in consensus decisions of the organization.


Required qualifications:

  • Spanish and English fluency. The majority of the work of the International Team occurs in Spanish.

  • Experience working with groups, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Highly independent, disciplined self-starter who takes initiative without a lot of oversight

  • Good writing skills, computer literacy

  • Willingness to travel regularly

  • Interest in taking part in organizational planning

  • Experience and/or interest in consensus decision making

  • Willingness to travel and/or live in sometimes high-security situations

  • Ability to provide language interpretation

  • Experience and interest in planning participatory educational programs for groups

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

  • Commitment to the SC mission/vision and operating principles


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior knowledge and experience with Latin American history and current political and social context

  • Prior experience providing English-Spanish and Spanish-English interpretation, facilitating delegations, and/or writing policy analysis

  • Prior knowledge and experience with global economics and US foreign policy, including economic and military policies, trade and labor issues


Benefits include a stipend of $1,800, a room and board stipend, and all work-related transportation costs. After one year of service, program co-directors receive a month off and a ticket home. After two years of service, program co-directors receive a ticket home.


Witness for Peace Solidarity Collective is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in its hiring practices and, in order to build the strongest organization possible, actively seeks a diverse applicant pool and strongly encourages individuals from all backgrounds (including race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation) to apply. Persons of color are especially encouraged to apply. Contact Hiring at if you have any questions.

Kindly send your cover letter, resume and application to

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