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Truth-Telling As Resistance:

Movement Journalists, Media-makers, and Organizers'

November 17-26, 2021

About the Delegation

The Cuban people have made history with their revolution in 1959 by rejecting neoliberal global capitalism and imperialism in favor of socialism, sovereignty, and international solidarity. Their small Caribbean island of 11 million people has thus faced the ire and decades of misrepresentation by the U.S. government and corporate media. A 60-year-long blockade, hundreds of sanctions, and the military occupation of Guantánamo Bay all asphyxiate the Cuban economy and burden the people beyond measure. Right-wing and liberal disinformation campaigns distort the Cuban model and prevent honest studies of its history and revolution as an alternative.


Journalists, documentarians, and organizers will travel to Cuba to cut through state-sanctioned lies and meet with storytellers and protagonists of the Cuban Revolution. We will learn about the triumphs, hardships, political contradictions, and limitations of the Cuban political project through the lens of media making. By walking alongside journalists dedicated to the fight for self-determination and truth, we will collectively look at the role of journalism in building stronger movements before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will:

  • Learn about the Organization of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa & Latin America, the Tricontinental, and Cuba’s cultural and political work with anti-colonial struggles

  • Exchange with unions and grassroots communicators, popular educators, people’s historians, artists, cinematographers, print journalists, and community radio

  • Hear from Cuba's leading economics center about the challenges of the U.S. Blockade and the priorities of the Cuban State and people

  • Tune in to the state radio, television, and online media; Read daily newspapers, bulletins, and books

  • Collaborate with the M.L.K. Center, a hub for movement strategy and popular education training

  • Visit museums dedicated to histories of anti-colonial, Black, and Indigenous resistance, U.S. interventionism, and the youth and women-led Literacy Campaign

August 1, 2021

Your Ground Costs for a Solidarity Collective Delegation include almost everything in the 10 day journey

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Costs and Funding

  • Pre-departure orientation

  • Ground transportation

  • Comfortable hotel and community homestay accommodations

  • Three daily meals and snacks

  • Popular education workshops

  • Spanish-English interpretation

  • Honoraria for local organizations and presenters

  • Experienced U.S.-based activists to accompany the delegation as Delegation Coordinators

Ground Costs do not cover:

  • International airfare 

  • Souvenirs and gifts 

  • Extra tips - we give a group tip to our guide and driver at the end of the journey



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Pambana Bassett

Pambana has been the Cuba Program Co-Director since July 2020.

Justin has been the Cuba Program Co-Director since July 2020.

2021 Ground Costs: $1,400-$2,400
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