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February 10-19, 2023

About the Delegation

Deadline to Apply:
December 1st, 2022
(late applications accepted until delegation is full)

Payment Information




MAIL CHECK (Save us $ on processing fee):

Witness for Peace
5123 W 98 St. #1129
Minneapolis, MN 55437

*Please note the name of the delegation on the check

For More Information

For more details contact Diane Stradling - | (603) 431-2525


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Costs and Funding

Delegates will meet and learn from people engaged in:

  • Social programs, medical care, food production 

  • Popular education, both for youth and communities 

  • The new Family Code, how it came about 

  • Arts, literature, music and dance that sustains the Cuban soul & enjoy performance events 

  • The literacy campaign that made Cuba a UN-designated “illiteracy-free zone” 

  • The effects of the U.S. blockade and why it must end 

  • The Martin Luther King Center, a vibrant hub for community education

Ground Costs do not cover:

  • International airfare 

  • Souvenirs and gifts 

  • Extra tips - we give a group tip to our guide and driver at the end of the journey

Delegation Fee: $2,400 fee + airfare + $100 visa*

Delegation fee covers all meals, lodging, transportation, interpretation, and reading and activist tools


Sliding Scale: $1800-$2400+

The delegation fee covers all in-country expenses (lodging, travel, meals, interpretation, etc.) along with pre-travel resources, reading lists, and support. The delegation fee also covers our international team’s expenses for delegation preparation and coordination. Any amount paid over the delegation fee will go to support delegation scholarship and sliding scales, helping to ensure the delegations are more accessible to everyone. A delegation payment of $2400 or more is ideal to cover all of your expenses and the broader delegation needs-- please pay this amount if you have institutional support or other financial resources.

Vaccination Policy: We require that all delegates be fully vaccinated and we ask that you please get your booster shot. Read our full vaccination policy here


Application and $300 deposit due December 1st, 2022

Remaining balance, due December 10th, 2022

Cuba is an island home to 11 million people and more social and economic services than anywhere else in the Caribbean. Learn how a socialist country organizes itself to provide social services, education, health care, food, housing, safety and access to the arts to its citizens in an equitable manner? Explore the many ways that this island nation, just 90 miles from our shore, has met these challenges for over 60 years in the face of unrelenting opposition from its neighbor to the north. Included in this delegation are meetings with doctors, families, educators, artists, and neighborhood organizing committees. Visits to artists' collectives, farms, museums, and historical sites provide an on-the-ground immersion into Cuban life and culture.

Your Ground Costs for a Solidarity Collective Delegation include almost everything in the 10 day journey

2022 Ground Costs: $2,400

We provide travel sliding scale prices and resources for your fundraising.

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