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Debi Niebuhr and Eric Nelson, life partners residing in Winona MN, will co-lead this delegation to Cuba. They have participated in two Witness for Peace delegations, one to Oaxaca Mexico (2016), mainly to observe the impacts of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the other as co-leaders to Cuba (2018) to learn the impacts of the US Blockade. Back home, they joined other delegates in making nearly 20 public presentations about their experiences. The focus of the 2020 trip to Cuba will feature health care, education (urban and rural), and an exploration of how Cuban society is structured. Once home we will share this information with various community organizations. We hope you can join us on this delegation and please feel free to contact either of us with any questions you may have.


More About the Co-leaders:

Debi Niebuhr is a retired Massage Therapy instructor and massage therapist.  Her interest in Latin American issues began in the 1980's when the US intervened in places like Nicaragua and El Salvador. She was involved with Central America Resource Alliance (CARA) that held conferences, disseminated information, and developed plays as a means of educating people about LA issues. Over the years, her extensive travels to LA have led to a unique understanding of the culture, but she has recently discovered that a WFP delegation allows one to explore a country in a much deeper way. Debi has a special interest in learning more about the Cuban model that provides free, quality health care and education to all citizens. She is also excited to learn more about the socialistic structure of the Cuban government.


Eric Nelson is a retired wildlife biologist with over 30 years’ experience in wildlife management, mostly in Minnesota. He is a Vietnam Veteran and peace activist. Eric has a strong interest in agricultural sustainability, worker rights, other social justice issues, and environmental concerns. He fully supports efforts by WFP, and other organizations, to understand and change US policy that obstructs human progress in various nations of the Western Hemisphere and beyond. While remaining fully focused on social and policy issues encountered during the delegation to Cuba, Eric will point out interesting birds and other wildlife as opportunities arise. 

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