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July 4 to 13, 2019


Roots and Routes of Migration


Learn about causes and push factors for the recent exodus of thousands of migrants from Honduras, culminating in several large Migrant Caravans over the last 6 months. 

Explore the US role in the Honduras human rights crisis, with a special focus on policing, militarization, and the harmful effects of large-scale commercial development projects on rural communities. Delegates will learn directly from leaders from a large variety of human rights and grassroots organizations as they share stories and legal and political organizing strategies for fighting violence, persecution, and impunity.

Cost: $1,400 + international airfare 


Application & $250 deposit due May 20, 2019.


Remaining Balance due June 5, 2019.

Price covers meals, lodging, interpreters, and transportation within Honduras, along with reading and activist tools. 

Delegation Description

  • Learn about the US role in 2009 Coup & 2017 Electoral Crisis.

  • Learn about illegal land grabs by corporations; the criminalization and repression of political protest and expression; governmental and police corruption; and the US backed increasing militarization of Honduran society.

  • Gain knowledge about the impunity that pervades the Honduran justice and law enforcement systems with most acts of violence and murders, violations of human rights, corruption, and illegal corporate activities getting no justice.

  • Explore connections between policing, criminalization and the prison industrial complex in the US and Honduras.

  • Meet US embassy officials to share what delegates have learned and to urge changes in US policy in Honduras.

Payment Information




MAIL CHECK (Save us $ on processing fee):

Witness for Peace Midwest

PO box 6078

Minneapolis, Mn 55406

*Please note the name of the delegation on the check

For More Information

For an application and more details, please contact: 

Emily Rhyne (Regional Organizer),, 919-864-6371 or 

Genesis Torres (Delegation Coordinator),, 919-518-3309 or 

Stephanie Matzens (Delegation Coordinator),, 919-667-4164

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