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Aviva Chomsky is Professor of History and Coordinator of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies at Salem State University in Massachusetts.  She is the author of multiple books including but not limited to, Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal, A History of the Cuban Revolution, Linked Labor Histories: New England, Colombia, and the Making of a Global Working Class, They Take Our Jobs!  And Twenty Other Myths about Immigration.  She has also co-edited several anthologies including but not limited to The People behind Colombian Coal: Mining, Multinationals and Human Rights.  She has been active in Latin America solidarity and immigrants’ rights movements for several decades.

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Steve Striffler is the Director of the Labor Resource Center and Professor of Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.  He has helped coordinate the Colombian Coal Delegation with Witness for Peace for the past decade.  He writes about labor, human rights, and political conflict in relation to Latin America and the United States.  He recently published a book, Solidarity: Latin America and the US Left in the Era of Human Rights.