The US Role in Migration

 August 3-12, 2021

About the Delegation

In recent years the specter of “migrant caravans” have figured prominently in United States political discourse. This delegation focuses on mass migration as part of the collective struggle against the social, political, and economic crises which have plagued Honduras since the US supported coup in 2009. Delegates will explore the connections between outward migration and US promotion of militarization and corruption. 


Delegates will engage with a wide range of Honduran communities who have experienced the most serious effects of these policies including Indigenous groups, rural communities, feminist activists, community radio leaders, and other.


Our goal is to learn both why people choose to undertake the often brutal migration north but also how mass exodus undermines and destabilizes daily life in Honduras and exacerbates political, social, economic and environmental crises and to share what we have learned with our communities and policy makers on our return.

Delegation Fee: $2000 +$100 COVID test leaving Honduras
The delegation fee covers all in-country expenses (lodging, travel, meals, interpretation, etc.) along with pre-travel resources, reading lists, and support. The delegation fee also covers our international team’s expenses for delegation preparation and coordination. Any amount paid over the delegation fee will go to support delegation scholarship and sliding scales, helping to ensure the delegations are more accessible to everyone. A delegation payment of $2000 or more is ideal to cover all of your expenses and the broader delegation needs-- please pay this amount if you have institutional support or other financial resources.


Sliding Scale: $800-$2000

To request a sliding scale option, please fill out a scholarship form here.

Delegation Dates: August 3-12, 2021

Deposit: $250 - Due July 1st, 2021


July 1, 2021

Your Ground Costs for a Solidarity Collective Delegation include almost everything in the 10 day journey

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For More Information

For an application and more details, please contact: 

Jim Dimock,, 507-389-5533

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Costs and Funding

  • Pre-departure orientation

  • Ground transportation

  • Comfortable hotel and community homestay accommodations

  • Three daily meals and snacks

  • Popular education workshops

  • Spanish-English interpretation

  • Basic tips for drivers, and hotel staff

  • Honoraria for local organizations and presenters

  • Experienced U.S.-based activists to accompany the delegation as Coordinators

Ground Costs do not cover:

  • International airfare 

  • Souvenirs and gifts 

  • Extra tips - we give a group tip to our guide and driver at the end of the journey




Julien Christe

Julien has been the Honduras Program Co-Director since July 2020.


Allison lira

Allison has been the Honduras Program Co-Director since August 2020.



Jim is a professor in the Communication department at Minnesota State University, Mankato

2021 Ground Costs: $800-$2000

We provide travel scholarships and resources for your fundraising:

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