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Since the 2009 military coup in Honduras, ever increasing levels of militarization and the steady weakening of oversight mechanisms and constitutional guarantees has stimulated systemic corruption in the government and the collapse of rule of law. Honduras has become an effective narco-state and the most dangerous country in the world to defend human rights, where civil society members are criminalized, attacked, disappeared and murdered in overwhelming numbers. 

The Honduras Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Act of 2021 (S388) would suspend United States support for the Government of Honduras until endemic corruption, impunity, and human rights violations are addressed.

It would also hold Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández and members of the police and military accountable for the human rights abuses and the deeply alarming level of corruption they are responsible for. 

In February 2021 the bill was introduced by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkely with 8 initial co-sponsors: Senators Bernie Sanders (VT),  Patrick Leahy (VT) , Ed Markey (MA), Elizabeth Warren (MA), Dick Durbin (IL), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) and Chris Van Hollen (MD).

The History

Act Now

Key Provisions

The legislation includes the following provisions:


  • Sanctions for President Hernández

  •  $2 million for the Honduras office of the United Nations High Office on Human Rights.

  • A new MACCIH anti-corruption commission, to be negotiated by the United Nations, and strengthening of UFERCO, the special prosecutor's office.

  • Prohibition of US munitions sales to the Honduran police and military.

  • Suspension of (1) US funds for Honduran security forces and (2) US support for funds from multilateral development banks to Honduran security forces until a series criteria have been met, laid out in the bill.

Co-Sponsors in the Senate


See the press release here:


Guardian article: 


Full text of the legislation is available in English: here


Para ver el texto completo del proyecto de ley: aqui

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