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Photos from the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity: Baltimore and Washington, DC

By: Claudia Ana Rodriguez, Witness for Peace Mexico Team

The Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) traveled over 6000 miles for a month in the United States raising awareness about the impacts of the U.S. foreign policies in Mexico. Find out more about the Movement and their Caravan from blogs by former WFP Delegate and Caravan Participant, Alissa Escarce here and here.

Below is a photo slide show from the caravan’s events in Baltimore and Washington, DC. Cavaneros met with local community activists and also government representatives, telling their stories and demanding changes in U.S. domestic drug policy, immigration policy, enforcement of laws against illegal gun sales, the fight against money laundering, and a stop to U.S. military aid to Mexico.

Slide show not working? Click here to see the album.

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