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Statement in Solidarity with Communities Demanding Justice for George Floyd

The Solidarity Collective wholeheartedly supports and stands in solidarity with communities rising up in protest across the country to demand justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black people who have been murdered at the hands of police. We underscore our commitment to changing U.S. policies and systems responsible for the devaluation of Black lives both here and abroad. Black and indigenous communities in the U.S. and our partners in Latin America inspire us to join their daily struggles to achieve the change and justice required for deep structural shifts.

Many of our partners have issued their own statements of solidarity with protesters in the United States in which they highlight the connections between U.S. structural and physical violence against Black people and the exportation of these policies across the Americas. We know that we will succeed as we unite in the transnational struggle to dismantle global structures of power built on racism and replace them with models of reparations, equity, and community care.

In addition to educating yourself through articles and podcasts, or signing petitions and attending webinars, or engaging in protests, we also urge you to show solidarity in the following ways:

  • Many bail funds have been overwhelmed with support and are suggesting people to give elsewhere. We recommend mutual aid funds - these initiatives are exactly the type of anti-capitalist, community-organized strategies that strengthen and sustain communities where state institutions fail

Continue to educate yourself about abolition. Remember that prosecuting cops does not equal justice, because the entire system is guilty. And be weary of “reforms” of an inherently violent and racist system.

  • For white people, here are more resources. For more recommendations on how to commit to racial justice and transforming harm, use the resources here, here, and here.

  • Join local anti-racist grassroots organizations that are working to divest from policing/prisons and reinvesting that money into community resources, education, healthcare, and housing.

  • Don’t let this momentum pass when the hashtags and protests end - stay engaged and continue to uplift the work!

Practice solidarity by sharing your skills or expertise with grassroots orgs and your community mutual aid efforts. The options are limitless:

  • Become a trained street medic

  • Have mental health expertise? Offer your services.

  • Have legal connections or experience? Offer your services.

  • Offer to give rides or deliver mutual aid packages if you have a car

  • Like to write? Publish opinion pieces or blogs in support of Black organizers’ demands

  • Know how to code? Offer to help design an organization’s website

  • Are you creative? Make a zine and share it with your community

  • Have other skills or passions? Share them in solidarity with your community

We know that the enormity of the structural shifts needed can seem overwhelming and paralyzing. But remember, united we are stronger. We all have a role to play.

Thank you for taking action.

The Solidarity Collective


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