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Take action now to protect Colombian Human Rights Defenders during COVID-19

Unfortunately, bad news continues to come out of Colombia. It is currently the most dangerous country in the world for human rights defenders. And though it’s hard to believe, the situation has actually gotten WORSE with Covid-19.

You can help: Urge your Congressional Representative to sign this Dear Colleague letter calling for change!

In just a little over one month (March 15th - April 24th), and despite a countrywide Covid-19 lockdown, 23 Colombian social leaders were killed, some at the hands of military forces. Additionally, it was recently revealed that the Colombian army, using U.S. resources, was spying on at least 130 reporters, human rights defenders, politicians, judges, union leaders and possible military whistleblowers. The U.S. government has been a key player in these violations of human rights, as it has been helping to train and fund the Colombian military for over two decades, with horrific consequences.

This Dear Colleague letter calls on Secretary of State Pompeo to help protect human rights defenders, as well as hold those who carry out threats, assaults, disappearances and murders accountable. President Duque and the Colombian Attorney General have failed to do this. And as a result, violent actors continue to act with impunity.

Take action now to help protect Colombian activists!


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